About Me

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Headshot from SuperComputing ‘22 in Dallas, Tx

Well, I guess I should tell you a little about me. Hello, I’m Caleb Fultz and I am a Tier III Linux System Admistrator for the National Radio Astronomy Observtory and the North American ALMA Science Center located in Charlottesville, VA. I have a over 15 years of working experience with Linux, over 25 with Windows, and almost my entire life with electronics and computers of all sizes. I’m a strong proponent of open source, privacy, security, and freedom online and off. I am also A+ Certified by CompTIA for Windows Repair and Basic System Administration but rarely utilize it outside of my personal PC’s and family’s questions. I am a proud Dad of a little boy and enjoy my Subarus, GTI, and going on adventures with my girlfriend in my spare time. I have attended every SuperComputing Conference since 2019. Denver is still they best city the hold it in, hands down.

Cool Things I Do

I’m a sponsor of The Tor Project both monetarily and as a 4x Relay Operator. I created and moderate /r/TomatoFTW and /r/PlexPosters. Both of those communities have well over 10,000 users each and are frequented every day by the same. I speedrun Doom 64 on PC when I have time and currently hold second place in Staging Area. I run my own Mastodon instance over on cfultz.com. I have several GitHub repos that may be useful, check them out (see what I did there?)!