It’s been real! For the past 5 years, I have slaved at the National Radio Astronomy Observatory. And by slaved, I mean s-l-a-v-e-d. I made less money than typical System Administrators/Engineers at my level doing pretty much anything and everything you can imagine to keep the Observatory’s HPC environment functioning as best as it could with the EXTREMELY limited budget that we are given to work with after the Science staff have their way with it.
A New Dawn I hate e-waste. With a passion. So much so that I pulled my old Macbook Pro from the retirement home that was one of my book bags and started the process of installing EndeavourOS. While I know that I could use tools like OpenCore and plenty of patching tools where I could continue to use the Mac using macOS, but I’m not a fan of proprietary software being hacked to work on hardware it isn’t intended to do so.

Migrating to Arch Linux

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A bit of (personal) history I’ve been through many operating systems in my time as a Linux user. I started out (back in the day) with Ubuntu 5.04 that I had to order off the Internet and have it shipped to my house. How insane is that? Of course, I was on dialup a the time (and still not much better… uploading this to Github using LTE…) so it would’ve been absolutely out of the question for me to even attempt a download of anything more than a few megabytes at the risk of my parents wanting to use the telephone.

Hello There (again)!

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Hey there, Internet friends! It’s been a while since I’ve shared some updates from my end, but I’m excited to report that things have been going absolutely fantastic lately. As many of you know, I work at the National Radio Astronomy Observatory (NRAO), and let me tell you - we’re making some incredible progress with our SLURM cluster running AlmaLinux. It’s been a team effort, but we’ve managed to squeeze out even more performance from our machines, which is just amazing.